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January 11, 2004

I went to church today -- the first time I'd been to a church service in many years. I went with some friends to an English service at what is probably one of the largest churches in the world. I'd been to this church once before, for a Thanksgiving dinner for foreigners, and had haphazardly been planning on returning for an actual service. Today I finally did.

The service was nice, although I'd probably prefer more talking and less singing. The music was performed by the pastor/minister (?) and a full (rock? pop?) band, which was a bit of a change from the organs and choirs of my Catholic youth. There was also lots of technology -- video screens and powerpoint slides and the like -- that I found really distracting and a bit obnoxious. The service was very loose -- singing, Bible reading, sermon, announcements, more singing -- and in that was was far less dogmatic (?) than the Catholic church services I grew up with. I don't feel I connected with anything in the service, really, although the sermon was about the value of praying in private, which is something I have been doing of late.

After the service, though, I went to the church doctor and finally got some antibiotics -- all for free. Where the service failed to give me pause, this certainly did. This is something I'd been praying for, and there it was... I don't know, I'm not healthy yet. In addition to that, the church is starting free native language classes for all foreigners in a coupla weeks, which, while not something I've been praying for, is certainly a huge blessing of some sort.

Thank you, God?


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