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August 22, 2004

I was sitting alone on a bench on a crowded street last night thinking about Christianity. A thought hit me suddenly, a thought that if Jesus were alive today he would be disappointed at what has become of his teachings. I saw him arriving in 2004, taking a quick look at the fragmented and misconstrued nature of modern Christianity, and saying "no, no, no. . . this isn't what I meant at all."

From what I can gather, the essence of Jesus' teaching -- the truly revolutionary idea that he preached -- was that we should all just love one another. Everything else stems from that basic, and really wonderful, idea. Yet there are wars being faught in the name of Christianity, there are people who jusify their biases and hatreds using quotes from the Bible, there are so many people who say they are following the teachings of Jesus Christ but who are really more full of selfishness and hate and prejudice than many non-believers. Christianity is no longer about the teachings of Jesus Christ, for many it is simply a comfortable label that they attach to themselves.

Much of my struggle with Christianity comes from this -- the teachings and philosopy of Jesus Christ are beautiful, much of what Christianity has become in the world is not. It would be much easier for me to accept Jesus Christ if by doing so I wouldn't become a Christian.


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I was like you looking for God and found a lot of the same as you described, selfishness hipocresy etc and decided that if that was Christinity I was better of like I was, until I realized that I had to apply the teachings of God given to me via the Bible to ME!! and stop looking to others, I tell you it is a challenge, beacause I lied, steal ( taxes),murder( abortion)and broke everything listed on the Basic "Do not"( 10 commandements).
Jesus who is his Son was the only Human equipped to overcome all those human emotions and feelings that can make us so falable, his equipment was the Word of his Father and his motivation was the Love he has for his Father and his creation (US).
When I asked myself how could I be like Jesus I knew it wouldn't be possible but I could try, and I ask God to give a me a way to beging and I went to read in the Bible, and this is what I found,in 1Peter1:13 Therefore prepare your minds for action...etc

There is a lot of wisdom (instruction)in the Bible try to read it , and continue to apply it to yourself no others, it will change you for ever, and the people around you will be impacted because of the change, and all you are doing is just to imitate Jesus and that is all God really requires of US.

Sincerely Flora

I do not know who you are or what you do but as I was reading some or your earlier entries, I realized I was you a few years back,please please read 1 Peter, and prepare your mind for action!
I was a person who was quick to judge and dissmis people I called ignorant, is nothing but a reflection of my own, that is ME!, thinking I too smart to stop and have a conversation with someone I think is not very bright,or looks dirty or needs help and I m too busy to translate something for an older person or been impatient et,if you are noticing this attitudes in yourself and it badders you, it only means one thing, you are my growing, these are signs of Spiritual grotwh because before NONE of it baddered me or you or any of us who engage in this journey of looking for GOD
Please e-mail me with any question you may have and if I do not know I will find out,it sounds corny but is the one thing I can do to help you.
Sincerely Flora

Who cares about the label 'Christian?' The label isn't important, what you said about loving everyone is what is important. well to be fair, he says it is of secondary importance to loving God. maybe some of the difficulties with modern Christianity lie in the fact that some people love God to the exclusion of loving their neighbor or themselves? hmm.

Just a few paraphrases from Jesus: to bless those who curse you, to be good to those who spitefully use you, to love your enemies as you love yourself...to pray for your enemies...to love your neighbor as yourself...to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength...to ask, and you will receive...to knock, and the door will be open to you...that whatever you do to the least of these you have done to Jesus himself...that if your enemy slaps you on the cheek, to turn the other one to him as well...if he asks for your coat, to give him the shirt off your back as well...to do unto others what you want want others to do unto you... He commands that we love and serve the Lord and love our neighbors, take care of widows and orphans and to do acts of kindness in his name. I love that Lord. If all Christians just listened to their Lord, this would be a much greater planet.

Welcome to asia, Jesus the son of God doing his work there.Under the pressure or threads of Muslim,Buddhism and atheism mass, Jesus christ's follower is alive.Stronger and stronger day by day.Believe it.If you want to see God Come to see us.Our church may be a house,may be underground but we welcome you.Jesus doesn't work with money nor hummanitarian plan but he does his ministry by power of the holey sprit of God.You are looking for God.Come to see him Where the place he is.He is every where.Pray to him to give you The special eye to see him.............From ....Lin(Burma)

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