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August 11, 2004

I'm now halfway through Luke -- a more long-winded version of Matthew and Mark. I knew that the four gospels were essentially different versions of story of Jesus' life, but I am surprised to find how similar they actually are. Matthew and Mark are nearly identical, which I suppose makes sense if they were both there or both read the same stories, but I'm wondering why they were both included in the Bible. Is the fact that this story is being told by four different people supposed to add to its believability? Perhaps I am missing something, as I often feel I am.

Beyond my confusions, of which there are far more than those above, I am enjoying this New Testament. It is not a "chore" to read, as was much of that Old Testament. Is reading the story of Jesus Christ turning me into a Christian? I really don't know. It is very hard for me to separate myself from my logical mind, to ignore the things that I know about the Bible and how it was written, and to simply accept what I am reading as the truth.

Here's the thing, though: I've come to the conclusion that there must be a God of some sort -- a divine power/presence/whathaveyou -- who had something to do with the creation all that we know. There's simply too much amazing shit going on everywhere for this all to be completely haphazard. I'm praying to this God, or I'm trying to... I just don't know exactly who he is.


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Maybe check this out for some rough outlining of differences between the gospels.

I snagged it from here.

It is Jesuit - and ergo from a Catholic standpoint, just FYI.

I would suggest that the similarities and the differences in the four Gospels would be necessary, if we are to believe that they were written by four earnest, yet independent, human beings. Think of you and several of your friends. Do you all have the same favorite story of your lives together? Do you all remember everything the same way? Of course they are not. Are they all equally important? Of course they are. What stories are included in any particular Gospel are the ones that most struck its particular author. However, each viewpoint is important to get a full view of the experience that was Jesus of Nazareth.

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