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October 05, 2004

Maybe a little bit. A little bit more, lately.

I missed her last week, and so I told Him, and suddenly there she was as typed words on a small screen. I don't know what it all means, I've come to believe that I probably never will to my satisfaction, only that it seemed like an answer of sorts. An unavoidably clear answer looking at me, and afterwards there is just me and more questions.

And I haven't written in here in a spell, but not because of anything. There's only so much one can write about a spiritual search, and I was beginning to repeat myself.


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Repeating yourself is okay, especially during a quest. Perhaps this is the time to get some other literature, or go on a reflective retreat, or scan some other blogs about spiritual quests.

Though taking a break is fine too :)

When you are ready to go on, you will know. Consider these at that time...

Books I like that make me reflect upon faith:

-New and Selected Poems (Mary Oliver)
-Tickets for a Prayer Wheel or Holy the Firm (Annie Dillard)
-Traveling Mercies (Anne Lamott)

You could use http://www.biblegateway.com to compare the different translations of passages in the Gospels that confused you. It's surprising how one word can change the apparent meaning. The bible creates more questions for me than it answers sometimes.

Interesting as well are the bible "commentaries" which show a sample of how a few Christians of different denominations throughout history interpreted different biblical passages. Keep in mind if you use the "study tools" that there are MANY study tools that are written from different viewpoints out there. There is no ultimately correct one.

Books I like about Christian Thought/Living

-What's So Amazing About Grace (Philip Yancey)
-Life of the Beloved: Spiritual Living in a Secular World (Nouwen)
-A Glimpse of Jesus : The Stranger to Self-Hatred (Manning)

Books I like about different denominations

-Christian Theology: An introduction (McGrath)
-The Church (Clowney & Bray)
-Religions of the World (Breuilly et al)
-Illustrated Guide to World Religions (Halverson)

These last two are important because I feel that to deeply understand Christianity, one must study the others so that you clearly see the boundaries between and the connections to the others of the world.

Take care--

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