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October 23, 2004

A blogger named Maggi Dawn recently posted a link to one of my posts, and I've gotten several (dare I say) heartwarming comments from people who have found me through her site.

No, the blogger doesn't mind being linked, and the comments made the blogger very happy and thinky.


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(Also via maggi dawn)
Well, I really came to faith, from being a nominal Church of England type Christian, during the time I was reading the New Testament. (It was only much later I read the whole Bible in the linear way you have - well done! - but I would say the first book I read, before embarking on the NT, was Judges, and I was so impressed by the sex and violence that I wanted to read on.)

How was it that the New Testament impressed me that much? I'd say, it was the story of Jesus, which seemed so compelling, and the sense that it was an ongoing story that I could become a part of by starting to live as a follower of Jesus. That happens to have led me to be a minister in the Church of England. Not that I'm always happy about that, but until the Boss tells me different, it's where I have to be.

I hope you find what you desire, too.

oh, one other thing... one of the prime attractions of my faith, in the beginning and still, is that God is so enormous that I will never run out of opportunities to learn more about Him. For the next 60 years or so - if i live to be 87 - i can continue to grow in my relationship with Him. so don't feel like the whole of who God is has to be perfectly clear to you. if you don't understand everything, you're probably doing a good job of looking at the real (infinite) God in a real, honest way.

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