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October 22, 2004

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God." --Matthew 5:9


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Hi there - I too came thru Maggi's blog and a friend who posts there.

I love Matthew 5 I think it's one of the most powerul passages in the bible. The 8 beatitudes are awesome.

Some time ago I heard a guy speak on them and it blew me away. He said most people are tempted to see these as 8 separate people receiving 8 separate blessings but in reality this isn't the case

It's one person on a journey.

First the person realises they are poor in spirit and as soon as they do they enter into the Kingdom of God. From there they begin to mourn their poverty and God comforts them... this causes them to be humble and meek and God builds them - they then begin to hunger for Him and he staisfies them and then they desire to see others know the peace that they have... they want to see people be at peace with God.

and on it goes... I'll leave you to fill in the other blanks but I found it incredibly illuminating.

I'm really encouraged by the way you are seeking God. I know He has met you and is meeting you. I know you will grow to know Him more and more fully and be exceedingly glad you did

Bless you bro.

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