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November 07, 2004

If there is indeed a God, I am certain that he would not want us to treat homosexuals the way America is treating them.  The Gay Marriage amendment that passed in eleven states is not protecting anything, is not making our country better, is not doing anything but legislating hatred. 

If there is indeed a God, I am certain that he would not be happy about the way George Bush used him as a campaign platform, is still using him to justify the killing of tens of thousands of innocent people, and is invoking his name to mask what would otherwise be called hatred.

Everything that I find ugly and misguided about American Christianity has revealed itself in this last election.  I don't want to be a member of that club.

Whatever happened to: "love your neighbor as yourself?" (Matthew 22:39)

Or what about: "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you?" (Luke 6:27-28)

Was there a "but" or an "except" left out of my copy of the Bible?


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i think america must be one of the hardest places, apart from those in which christians face persecution, to become a follower of jesus. it's a hard cross to wanna pick up when so many people are weilding his name to do things that are full of hate and judgement and devoid of love. i found it cathartic to email the president, outlining some of my concerns about the way in which he has represented his faith. and it helps to remember that jesus was a peace-loving jew from the middle east, not a bully from texas. it's jesus that christians follow, not every tom, dick and george that goes around shouting jesus' name like a campaign poster. check out this website run by sane american christians who weren't impressed w bush's attempt to hijack God... www. sojo.net.

Right now I would say that the Gays are most in need of the quote from Luke. And, anti-Gays need to focus on the quote from Matthew. Those texts taken together are Christ's antidote for the full spectrum of Hate.

The Power and the Glory: Who Needs the Christian Coalition When You've Got the White House? The Religious Right's Covert Crusade

And I'm not even READING that other blog-link you posted previous or I'm gonna wanna hurt someone.

To prevent any further confusion or anger, the blog-link I posted -- "those gays" -- is meant to be taken tongue-in-cheek. Not seriously, is what I'm saying.

It's quite obvious, if you ask me, but this day and age is this day and age.

There is no "but" when it comes to God's high standards, but there is a "but" because we are all fallible. We love less and judge more than we should.

I would say this tho, Jef: Never look to other people to get your idea of what God is like - look directly to God.

If you say "I've seen Christians in America and I don't like them therefore I'm not interested in their faith" then you are making a miscalculation

By the same reasoning you'd never become a teacher, a lawyer, a parent - cos you've seen bad examples of them

People label themselves all sorts of things and treat each other like crap.

But as Christians we are not called to follow each other - we are called to follow Christ. He will see to those who claim to be his servants and misrepresent Him - He makes that clear too...


There are so many Christians who agree with you out there. We've been struggling to fight this fight, but we aren't very exciting for the media to cover. There are many Christian denominations who follow the social justice life of Christ and really hear his call to be inclusive.

Isn't it strange? Christ didn't turn others away. He embraced people who His disciples disapproved of. He welcomed people who many in this day and age wouldn't feel comfortable eating a meal with. He saw God in everyone. Yet, it seems easier for many people to feel better about themselves when they hate or condemn others. Just the opposite of what Christ taught us.

There are American Christian churches who are the frontlines of fighting fear and ignorance. Check out United Church of Christ, Progressive Christianity, the Association of Unity Churches and many Episcopalian Churches. There are many other individual churches which are inclusive of all people. Plus, there are groups within churches which are more conservative. The media seems captivated by the Fundamentalist Christian stereotype right now...but it is by no means indicates that all Christians are the same.


Hi, Jef. Think about you all the time and can't keep my eyes off your blogs. First, I want to tell you that you are right about all of the hate-mongering that surrounded this election. I want to apologize to you for any animosity you sensed, even 3000 miles away, from the "religious right". As an evangelical Christian, (does that make me part of the nefarious "RR"?), I am appauled by the anger and even hatred that has come from many Christian sources. There should me no room for hatred in our hearts, and Jesus is the first to let us know this. Also, if we can't forgive others their sins against us, then He cannot forgive us for our sins. He says so right in His Word.

If you look from the perspective of your "enemies", who appear to be conservative Christians, you need to know where we are coming from. Our nation is a great nation because the founding fathers built ALL of their laws on the Word of God and because we were a good and tolerant people. You didn't live in the 50's, but, except for the grievous sin of racism, and, secondarily, discrimination against women, life was good and people were good. There was no pornography. There was no sex and violence in all the media. A handshake guarenteed a contract between two gentlemen (or gentlewomen!) and you didn't need to lock your doors...ever. Neighbors were kind and civil to one another and looked after each others' children. There was no fear. Children were free to play "hide and seek" by the streetlights, and parents weren't worried about pedophilia, abductions and what garbage on the newly-invented television would infect the minds and spirits of their children. It was safe. It was happy. It was good. People respected the property of others. Immigrants were welcomed and helped out with "welcome wagons" and other groups, especially church groups, that worked hard to look after the newly arrived and less fortunate.

I'm sure your parents remember it. It was a time when it wasn't illegal to have a nativity scene on government property and it wasn't a "disgrace" to admit that one owned and read the Bible. Hence the sadness and new fear that everything that was at one time sacred and tolerated is no longer tolerated (if it's Christian). Every other religious belief is respected and tolerated in this nation. If you happen to be a Christian, however, more and more of your civil rights are removed daily. Hence the grievance of the Christians and the fear that the day will soon come when they are not tolerated at all. Still, that does not give them the right to be angry, judgemental or hateful.

As for the gay community...I don't think all Christians want gays to be discriminated against. Jesus Himself came to minister to all people, including the gay community. I have many gay friends whom I love. I want to see them be able to visit each other in the hospital. I, of all people, want to see people who are ill or dying be allowed to be visited round-the-clock by those who love them most. And I would like to see those who have spent their lives together able to inherit each other's property,as well. My grievance is, if the Bible defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and if marriage is a sacrament, my gay friends should come up with a different term for their life-long commitment. Why pass laws that go against Biblical definitions? Why not pass laws that are common-sense and don't alienate half of the population? Laws that would guarentee the basic identical rights without rewriting the Bible?

And as for abortion, you have never had one and you have never done one. I have done several dozen. The images of one particular abortion has haunted me for twenty-five years. My patient had persistent bleeding, so we had to "re-assemble" the "products of conception". I was in shock by what I saw and sickened and sad. I remember thinking, for several years, that "at least he didn't feel anything", because his mother, my patient, had general anesthesia. I stopped doing abortions when I knew the truth. Many other docs feel the same way I do, whether they are Christian or not. Abortion is a violent way to end an unfortunate situation, and most of the time, the fetus feels everything.

This is a long response to this blog subject, but I ask your forgiveness for every Christian who has ever offended you or any other person who now wants to expatriate to Canada. We have been wrong in our responses to social change. I believe that present day Christians may be the reason for the rise of atheism in our country, because we need to live with love and service, as Christ has called us to do, and not stand in judgement over others: that is God's job. We have not practiced what we preach.

I haven't told you this before, but I think you are a wonderful, sensitive, brilliant and talented young man, and you can count me, among thousands of others, as another person who loves you.

hey jef. i just kind of randomly looked in on your site today (do you remember me at all? i think i met you once, at shannon's old apartment near the west side market, a good long while ago), and although your latest post is a few weeks old, i felt like responding cause, well, i said (i think) basically the same things you did in my rants around election time.




(at least, the second half)...if you're interested.

i, too, would be wary of being a 'christian' the way that's defined by much of america today. however, i think you already sound a lot like a Real Christian...at least the way Jesus made it look.


I just kind of stumbled onto your website and was very intrigued by its notion. You should know right off the bat that i am a Christian; it's sad that I'm almost ashamed to admit it. I am ashamed because we "Christians" have single-handedly managed to destroy any truthful notion of God in this world. Honestly, sometimes I think that God looks down on us and cries. Many times I feel that we Christians, as his representatives, have done more to almost irrevocably damage the reputation of God than if we had never existed at all in the first place.
Well, if it counts for anything at all, on behalf of all of us backstabbing, hating, unforgiving, malicious, judgemental, condemning, disunified, over critical, hateful and (everyone's favorite) hypocritical Christians out there, I'm sorry.

I am deeply, truly sorry.

There are three articles I've written on my website titled "God is Dead", "God is Lonely", and "God is E.T." You might find them interesting.

Angelic 1

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