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November 04, 2004

those gays


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eww. that is pretty frightening. and it could hardly be further removed from the teachings of jesus. people pick and choose... i'm guessing the author of that gem chooses to ignore lots of laws in leviticus and other parts of the old testament, like that women should be isolated when they menstruate. the laws designed to make israel a distinct nation, and to keep them safe when living in a moving camp of a few hundred thousand folks in tents, didn't make jesus' list of what it means to love god. his was much simpler - love god and love other people, too. i do think homosexuality is less than god's ideal for people in terms of loving relationships. but so are most people's heterosexual relationships... and jesus' teachings make it pretty clear that we're to love other people, not judge them, lest we be judged ourselves...

mmm. my foot tastes v nice. ok, no more sanctimonious comments based on skimming things you've linked to. was much more enjoyable to actually read the linked post (w ironic smile) than to skim it and have fred phelps flashbacks. sorry...
you might be interested in a parallel debate here in NZ, with rather a different outcome. here's a starting point: http://www.emergentkiwi.org.nz/archives/marriage_civil_union_omnibus_bill.php

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