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January 29, 2005

I needed money, and money came with a seeming note from God. 

There are many pictures on my other website, but the one that they wanted was of a neon cross.  A neon cross for the cover of a to-be-published book called “A Brief History of Christianity.”  Perfect for the cover, they wrote, and here is $400.00.  I’ve taken better pictures, but ok. 

I can’t help but look at this in terms of God providing for me, or some such sentiment.  Is it true though, or is this just a coincidence?  Is the concept of coincidence just a mask for the mostly-unrecognized work of a higher power?  When we say “what a coincidence!” are we really denying God’s work in lieu of the simpler randomness of life explanation?

I don’t know.  I still don’t know.  But this year I pause, last year I wouldn’t have.


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I saw a quote somewhere: "When I pray coincidences happen"

Coincidences are a great tool God used to reach us. Sometimes I think of God sitting outside of time, moving around chronological events in our lives and the lives of others so that everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle fullfilling his will.

Pretty Awesome!

Perhaps, but I'll play devil's advocate (no pun intended, at least not in a theological sense) and suggest that it might just as well be confirmation bias.

I read somewhere that coincidences happen when God wants to remain anonymous.

I don't believe God has ever intended, or wants to be anonymous.

That is awesome.

The more you pray, the more that you will experience the "coincidences" and the goodness of God. He loves you.


My first thought was that you should ask for more money if you photo is going to be the cover of a book.

Congrats on getting a little lucky. Seems like things don't go your way a lot, then they do.

This is one of those times where it's not simply a God or Spirit. God or SPirit may have moved the heart of the person reviewing - but you did the work. There was nothing divine about the photo - you said yourself you've done better. You did the work. You sent the submission. If God had a part - you more then did yours.

REmember that old gem from sunday school - God helps those who help themselves? This is what they meant.

Pagans, like myself, believe similar. You can do a 1000 point ritual describing every and anything, to do anything - like get some money. But if you don't try to get a job, buy a scratch ticket, what ever, it's worthless. Same principal.

So good for you - good work. Keep plugging.

is there any point commenting to an 8-month-old post? oh well... it's better than writing my assignment.
I reckon God most definitely provides. I am utterly skint this year, as i've returned to full-time study. I had a job all lined up for the uni holidays, driving a van full of kids on a school holiday programme. The day before the job started, i broke my arm. i pouted. i whinged to everyone. i was secretly (and sometimes loudly) feeling pretty ripped off and stressed out, cos i REALLY needed the money. lastly, when i was too tired for more ranting, i prayed. a very human and somewhat pathetic prayer. and the next day i called my old boss. i wasn't expecting much, as he hadn't had any freelance work for me in the three months of my study to that date. the company just wasn't very busy... so i was pretty surprised when he delivered two weeks worth of freelance work to my door :-) I do think God provides. it doesn't always have to be via supernatural means - sometimes its just a motivation or a divine hand atop ordinary circumstances, but he does provide.

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