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February 04, 2005

Dear Jef, bad news I am afraid. The sales team have said no to the cross image on the cover. They say in their markets it will be read as Klu Klux Klan and it will have a negative effect on sales. I have to find a new image. This has occurred after the editor and team gave it the thumbs up but if Sales feel strongly about a cover we have to listen to what they say.

Whilst I cannot now pay a reproduction fee we should pay something for your time and trouble. I will therefore get our Accounts department to pay £50 into your account.

My sincere apologies.

I really needed this money, but I realize that these things happen.  If anything, I'm trying to understand why this happened.  If everything happens for a reason, then why this?  If there is a God, and if he does more than just watch us flail, why would he do this?

Did I do something wrong? 


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If there is a God, and if he does more than just watch us flail, why would he do this?

Did I do something wrong?

I wouldn't think of it as God punishing you. If his plan is ineffable, then be sure that whatever happens to you that is outside of your own control is for your own good. What we want and what is best for us are often completely different things.

Plus, £50 is still a good sight better than nothing.

Hi Jef,

Everybody has three key characters in life. There is "you", there is God, and there is God's Enemy.

Most people, including the majority of Christians, only acknowledge two of these Characters. You & God. They live like there is no enemy and then are confused and bewildered when bad or truly evil things occur.

If You and God are the only players then the list of reactions is limited. If God is perfect and You are not, then when bad things happen it must be my fault or God is somehow holding out on me or testing me or trying my faith.

90% of the time that isn't the case.

Of the three Characters there is only one who is interested in your destruction, God's Enemy.

Jesus said in John 10:10, "... I have come that they may have life and have it to the full." That's the part we always remember. Don't forget how Jesus started that sentence. "The Thief comes to steal, Kill, and Destory, but I have come that they may have life and have it to the full."

So in your current situation what is happening? Are you being stolen from? Is something important and dear to you being destroyed? Is your joy being killed?

In your prayers try changing the question from "what am I doing wrong God?" to "Jesus, I know that you love me. Someone is hurting me. I'm going to trust that it isn't you. I want the life you offer. The thief is trying to take it from me. How do I fight back?" And see what happens....

This could happen because the cover that they do choose will cause Henry Mason of Antelope, Oregpm to pick up this book in 2012 at a yard sale and be inspired to do something that changes the lives of thousands of people.
It is easy to take these things personally, but it is a big world, and God uses us exactly as we need to be used.

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