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March 27, 2005

Lest any of ye think that I have forgotten about God, I have not forgotten about God.  I am still looking, but the nature of my search has shifted and become less frantic. 

I often stumble upon the thought that spirituality is largely based on a fear of the unknown, and of a need for comfort in a largely comfortless world. 

Then I stumble upon the thought that the world works too perfectly for there not to be a God, that it is impossible not to see God in everything around us.

Then I stumble upon a rock, and I curse the God that put it in my way.


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I was bored today and for some reason could not pull myself off of the computer even though I didn't have anything in particular that I was doing. For random's sake, I typed "what am i looking for" in my browser and your blog was one of the sites found. I read through some of your posts and I'd like to share a quote that I just read from a book called "Enter the Worship Circle" by Ben Pasley:

"As he lives inside of us he promises to transform us from the inside out, but the changing is not our goal--it is a by-product of the adventure. The beauty of this reality is we are released from the obligation to change ourselves. We do not have to pretend to be someone better. We no longer have to find our own way to reach the face of God, or to forgive others, or to escape addiction, lonliness, or lack. The Spirit--the Presence--of God enters the inner being of the Follower and begins to rebuild the heart from the inside out. The rebuilding, healing presence of God reshapes even our motives so we can live and love like we have always imagined. The only discipline the Follower has to commit himself to is the work of remaining in the presence of God and enjoying the relationship. God performs the transformation."

I just want to encourage you to keep looking for God. If you want it bad enough, you'll find it. I have grown up in the church, but just recently it all started to make more sense to me. I will never regret my persistence, my patience, and my longing for more. Keep talking to God and let him show you where he is.

Yes, because we all know how great religion is at removing personal responsiblity, and releves us of obligation to improve ourselves. Hey, your forgiven, right?

This is an interesting blog. I hope you dont mind me posting this...

Did Job curse God? Job came across many rocks in his path but not once did he curse God.


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